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This is pretty funny! I like the quick cutbacks between their faces and the jewel, it reads very easily as a whole.
Also, your specialty is definitely animating wrinkly old men, Zach. You've come a long way in terms of style. and Jesus Christ those extra few frames of the skin flapping when he finishes his sentence made everything look so much more realistic and gross. Good work!

I liked the stars in the grass great job

Gibb50 responds:

It was the defining feature of the movie.

That's adorable.

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This game gives off a really intense NES atmosphere, which I don't come across a lot in webgames these days. The magnificent graphics in conjunction with the epic music work perfectly together. Plenty of neat little power-ups, good level design, cool enemies.
One major issue I have to point out in this game are the controls. Actions feel way too delayed and uncoordinated, especially when I'm trying to jump. I am obliged to hold the run button, jump button AND move around in the air in order to achieve a greater height.
I really want to see this further improved on! It has a lot of potential!

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Pipeweed responds:

Thank you! And YES you are right, i will be fixing the controls to FEEL better and more responsive.

pretty nice man

keep it up i like it ! :D

vogxhamraks responds:

wooh thanx claty i like ur submissions too


hey can you make a fla file of the reload the rifle?
i kinda like it :)
send me a pm of it

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This one I really dig. It sort of sounds more meatier and deeper and I guess more polished compared to your other tracks. Simple yet very good bassline. It wasn't thoroughly repetitive as I'd expected it to be. You gave lots of diversity to the melody which was very pleasant to listen to. That is all. FIVE, BABY!!

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tis fucking WILD! MY VOTE: 5.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT dude this is actually pretty fucking awesome!! I love the atmosphere of this track!!
Wish the drums were a tad bit softer/lighter, though. They're a little bit distracting. :)

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ZANCHERS responds:

Thank you! I really do agree I will make them lighter and reupload the track maybe tomorrow.

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Super slick and pleasing to look at, great choice of colors!

Homunc responds:


Nice job on the style. I like the fact that you made her look like some wooden doll with movable limbs. Looks very creepy. I’m also loving the design of the guitar and the desaturated color pallet you gave her. I’d love to see her in an animation!

This is nuts dude. I would watch the shit out of that.

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I STILL use Flash 8 for animation

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